Indonesia's on-demand vehicle maintenance platform Montir completed a round of financing, the investor is East Ventures,professional supplier,sprocket manufacturer

publisher: Echo
Time: 2020-07-23
Summary: Indonesia's on-demand car service and spare parts platform Montir announced that it has received an undisclosed amount of Series A financing from East Ventures, a Southeast Asian venture capital firm.

The company was founded in 2016 by Mikhail Laurus and Dennis Eka Putra. The two students from the School of Finance met in Seattle. The company provides car maintenance services, such as air-conditioning checks and car battery replacement. It will also provide emergency services such as towing and tire changes.

The idea of ​​this startup is to provide car owners with affordable, time-saving and high-quality services.

In a statement, Montir referred to car repair as one of the most time-consuming activities. The rapid growth of on-demand services in Indonesia makes car owners expect similar services for cars.The cars use sprocket and chain.

In order to obtain on-demand services for cars, users can access Montir's platform, which has a web version and a mobile application for Android devices. Then, users can choose the type of service they need and make an appointment with Montir's consultant team for on-demand services,they are professional sprocket manufacturer.

"Then our service consultant will inspect the car and inform the customer of the service required by the car and the corresponding auto parts. Once an agreement is reached, we will immediately send the parts and replace them immediately," Laurus explained.

Montir stated that its goal is to become "a platform for the top one-stop solution to meet the needs of car maintenance."

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