India blocked 59 Chinese apps; 160 big advertising clients collectively evacuated from Facebook

publisher: Echo
Time: 2020-07-13
Summary: 59 products have been blocked Chinese apps dream of breaking India?
59 products have been blocked Chinese apps dream of breaking India?
Recently, the Ministry of Information Technology of the Indian Government announced the blockade of 59 Chinese apps including “TikTok”, Kwai’s overseas version Kwai, and WeChat on the grounds of “damaging India’s sovereignty and integrity, as well as India’s national defense, national security, and public order”. , QQ, etc. Among them, because India is its largest market, TikTok may be the most affected by the ban. The total downloads in India exceed 500 million, and Indian users account for more than 30% of TikTok’s total users. In this regard, investors expressed strong concerns that this will bring a "destructive blow" to Chinese capital's confidence in investing in the Indian market. pointed out that the Indian market has been given great expectations and imagination, and industry insiders once firmly believed that everything that happened on the Chinese Internet would repeat itself in India. But for Chinese entrepreneurs, this official clearance means that going to India will become more difficult in the future. On the 30th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China is strongly concerned about the Indian announcement. If the cooperation between China and India is artificially damaged, it is actually not in India’s own interest.

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